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Dream State

Children are mostly submerged in their state of dream, waking dream that is. They make up games and live through those games. The game scenarios they play out affect development of their entire beings.

Yesterday I suddenly realised that while sketching and painting my children play, I came back into the grounds of the research I was undertaking before - it is the question of how surroundings affect child development.

Nine years ago I was looking into how does the structure of a cumputer game SIMS 2 affect child perception of the every day.

In 2010 I've started to research perception of the surroundings by Baka people of the rainforest of Cameroon. Baka people live together with their forest and have a great understanding of its voices. My trip to the rainforest of Cameroon was canceled because of the pregnancy with my first child and now, seeing how children play among trees, I notice how this setting introduces so many unpredictable variants into their play. Trees, bushes, twigs and foliage create live environments for children, they introduce numerous challenges for both body and mind.

In my current paintings I am trying to show this somehow... this project is still at its early stages and I am looking forward to sharing t with you.

In my solo show in October I will be presenting my first works on play among trees.

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