Landscapes of Play / 2018 - 2019

When I was a child in the 80’s, with both parents working and grandparents living far way, I was one of the street kids. With keys to our flat, I would get back from school, eat whatever my mum would leave for me from the night before and then go out to climb trees, walk rooftops and explore the neighbourhood with a bunch of friends. The world felt safe and any grown-ups were there to help, not to endanger. Having children in the UK we are constantly reminded that the world is filled with danger... the whole thing about safety here has so much paranoia. I moved my family out of London to give my children the freedom of childhood in nature, the way I had it. My paintings are about that, about childhood, about having all that time to play and be free and to grow.” – Diana Krilova 


“Diana Krilova’s paintings are beautiful yet haunting. The colours evoke dreamy, distant, and warm memory, yet embody a kind of longing for the past. Her work reminds me of my own childhood, and the bitter sweetness of remembering it.”  - Caroline Grant, The Sustainable Arts Foundation.