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Born 1978 

Practicing Artist since 1999

Fellow of Royal Geographical Society since 2019


2009: MA Anthropology of Material and Visual Culture, UCL, London

2005: BA Fine Art, John Moors University, Liverpool

Solo exhibitions

June 2019: Of Apples and Trees, 5th Base Gallery, London 

October 2018: New Works, 5th Base Gallery, London

March 2018: Visual Diary of a Mother, 5th Base Gallery, London

2017: New Works, 5th Base Gallery, London

2007: Drawn Together, Peoples' Centre, Liverpool

2006: Making Invisible Visible, Unity Theatre, Liverpool Biannual '06,  Liverpool

2004: Diana Krilova New Works, with Independents, Unity Theatre, Liverpool Biannual'04, Liverpool

Selected Group Exhibitions

2022: Stand with Ukraine, Hales Gallery, London

2021: Equivision, Piornal Casa de Cultura, Extremadura, Spain

2018: Symbiosis, part of Chelsea Fringe, curated by Tania Beaumont, Espacio Gallery, London

2018: New Works, curated by Ana Cockerill, Espacio Gallery, London

2017: Doodling of Breath Marathon, curated by Sumer Erek, 5th Base Gallery, London

2017: The Need to Doodle, curated by Sumer Erek, 5th Base Gallery, London

2016: The Stories They Told, 5th Base Gallery, London

2011: KIOO Festival, Vibe, London

2010: Light Works, The Light Works, London

2008: Perchikovs Gallery, Riga, Latvia

2008: Beatabet Alphabet, Brighton Fringe, Brighton

2008: The Painted Face, Orleans House Gallery, London

2007: Summer Open, Waterloo Gallery, London

2007: Arts Unwrapped, Mother Studios, London

2006: History and Identity, Primo Piano Livin Gallery, Lecce, Italy

2005: Williamson Art Gallery, Birkenhead, Liverpool

2005: Character, Unity Theatre, Liverpool

2005: The Art of Love, Oxo Tower / Bargehouse, London

2004: 10x10, Egg Space, Liverpool Biannual'04, Liverpool

2004: Days of Russian Culture, Sculpture Gallery, Manchester Town Hall

2003: Wandering Star, Egg Space, Liverpool

2003: EYA03, CDA Fine Art, Birmingham

2003: Experiences, Unity Theatre, Liverpool

2002: Nat'e, View2 Gallery, Liverpool

2002:, Art Hub, Liverpool


2012-2019: Founder and Director of 5th Base Gallery, London

2015: curator at Krilova Stelfox Gallery, london

2013-2014: curator of 5th Base Film Nights at 5th Base Gallery, London

2012: curator of auctions of works by emerging artists at 5th Base Gallery

2010: art director of short fiction film Partygirl (dir James Gutierrez)

2007-2008: artist and director of surrounding hand-drawn animation Rain

2007: photographer at London Flora Maraphon

2006: artist, restoration of murals at Capilla del Dulce Nombre de la Hermandad de la Veracruz (XVIIc), STVRMIO, Seville

2004: leader of art history workshops, Tate Liverpool

2003-2004: co-director of short fiction films: Salt & Vinegar; Faith at BFU, Liverpool

2002: curator, Nat'e exhibition,  View2 Gallery, Liverpool

Art Residencies

2021: Lucy Rees Pottoka Art Residency, Piornal, Extremadura, Spain

2018: El Hacedor Imagenes y Palabras, La Aldea del Portillo de Busto, Burgos (Spain)

2006: Beatabet, Haut Loire, Auvergne (France)

2005: Fundacion Valparaiso, Mojacar, Almeria (Spain)

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